Finding your way back to intimacy can feel a little daunting.

Especially if it’s been a while. 

But it doesn’t have to be hard, too serious or even feel like work.

You can resolve disconnect, restore intimacy and reignite your sexual spark!

All from the comfort and privacy of your own home. 

Intimacy Insiders is waiting for you!

Intimacy Insiders is a private online subscription for couples looking to get their spark back.

That’s right.

Your Spark. Your Mojo. 

Your Va-Va-Voom!

Insiders is for couples who…

❥  Want to feel connected again

❥  Want to communicate better

❥  Want date night ideas

❥  Want to spark sexual desire

❥  Want to matter to each other

❥  Want to feel in love again

⭐️ We store all of our amazing couple’s resources right inside the portal so that you can access it any time, anywhere, 24/7. 

It's just a click or two away…

Ooooh la la….

Why "sexy" matters

You deserve to get turned on.

Not just to sex but to your life.

Sex is your creative energy.

It’s “life force” energy.

When it’s toned down or not happening, you’re not living your fullest potential as a couple.

Too many couples settle for “good enough” sex. Which can work on occasion.

But when it becomes your default, love and sex can feel lifeless.

Picture your sex life for a moment.

Imagine ….
    ✶ Feeling emotionally connected
    ✶ Having sex-positive conversations
    ✶ Sharing love with ease and consistency
    ✶ Being in sexual flow with each other
    ✶ Feeling alive in your partner’s embrace
    Creating sex worth wanting

“I love this resource! Our marriage wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great either.

The kids take so much of our time and at the end of the day neither one of us was trying too hard to be sexy. What I love is that we always have access and there are new things to do with each other each month. The pressure is gone to be creative. We even find ourselves looking forward to what’s next. Thank you.” 

Intimacy Insiders is a private online subscription

We know. 

Your intimacy and sex life is personal. 

As an Insider, you'll engage on your own but know that you’re never alone. 

We create supportive content to help you & your partner stay on track!

You’ll get instant access to:

  • audios that help you build emotional connection

  • sex focused audios to help you to stay saucy and vibrant

  • bonding activities that spark connection, laughter and fun

  • conversation starters that prompt deep conversations

  • touch exercises to increase affection or sexy gestures

  • 24/7 private access, anytime, anywhere

  • Private, anonymous Q&A portal that Carolynn will answer personally

  • a treasure trove of creative step-by-step date night ideas

  • book suggestions that invite you to explore love and sex

“Our marriage had come to a standstill...

“Our marriage had come to a standstill...and the longer we went without addressing the issue, the easier it became to live like friends instead of lovers. Insiders has been great for us. It’s easy and the activities are great.

Re-engaging after such a long time (8 months!) without physical intimacy was so much easier since we had something to follow — the audio on Sensate focus was just what we needed. We now have a more active sex life and more importantly, we see each other as lovers, not just friends.”

Not sure but curious?

We know you're curious.

Not just about Insiders.

But curious about expanding into a better version of you and your love.

You have to admit, becoming an Intimacy Insider is far from snoozy and ho-hum.

It’s not dull. It’s not the same ol’ same ol’.

It’s one step out of your routine.

And doing something different is kind o’ sexy.

Look at you, you sexy devil you!

“Insiders has been fun for us. It’s easy and the activities are great.

Re-engaging after such a long time (8 months!) without physical intimacy was so much easier since we had something to follow — the audio on Sensate focus was just what we needed. We now have a more active sex life and more importantly, we see each other as lovers, not just friends.”

Get a peek at what's on the Inside...

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    • 🥳 Welcome to Insiders!

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    • ❓How to Get Help

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  • 2

    🔥 Sexual Connection Audios


    • Solo Sex for Vulvas 🥀

    • Comfort Sex 🛏

    • The Key to Great Sex 🗝

    • The Art of Rejection 🎨

    • Crisis Sex 😚

    • What’s Your Sexual Style❓

    • The Universe of Sexual Desire 🌏

    • Defining Sexy 💓

    • Ecstasy behind the Eyes 👁

    • Be Delicious, Sleep Naked 🍓

    • How to “Dirty” Talk 🗣

    • Sexual Nourishment 🌼


    • Pleasure for Her 🥑

    • Delicious Kissing 💋

    • Are Sexual Fantasies Normal❓

    • Penis Pleasure 🍌

    • Your “O” Face ❣️

    • The Quickie 🏃‍♀️

    • The Role of Porn ♨️

    • Stay Present to Pleasure 💫

    • How to Dirty Talk 🗣

    • Sexy Food in Bed 🍇

    • Sexy Massage ✨

    • ToyLand 🔋

    • Watch Me Play! 😍

    • Curious About Exploring Kink? 🍯

    • Sexy Holiday Surprise! (Fun “Adult” Shopping) 🎁

  • 3

    💢 Emotional Connection Audios


    • Become a Master of the Ordinary 🌱

    • Seize Your Willing Energy ⚡️

    • Reconnection, Not Perfection 🌺

    • Your Mid-Year Boost! 🏋️‍♂️

    • Past, Present and Future Loving 💜

    • New Beginnings/Refresh/Renewal 💐

    • Live a Designed Life 🌈


    • Be Separate and Together 🌱

    • Let’s Be Friends 👫

    • 4 Traits that Make My Marriage Work ⚭

    • Love, A Noun, and a Verb ❤️

    • The Sexiest Meal I’ve Ever Had 🍤

    • He Didn't Receive Me! 😳

    • How to be a Playful Adult 🛹

    • Teamwork Makes the Dream Work ⭐️

    • Gratitude Changes EVERYTHING 💕

    • Release Your Inhibition! 💫

    • See the Light In Each Other ✨


    • Collective Vulnerability 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

    • Why It’s Hard for Men to be Vulnerable 🙅🏼‍♂️

    • Judgement Free Love 👩🏾‍⚖️

    • The Magical Do-Over ✴️

    • Curiosity Increases Connection 🔌

    • Communication 🗣

    • Let Your Guard Down 💂‍♀️

  • 4

    🗓 2021 Activities by Month

    • September 2021 -- When Sexual Desires Differ ☯️

    • July 2021 -- It's Gettin' Hot in Here 🔥

    • June 2021 -- Get Out Into The World -- Date Nights That Build Connection 🗝

    • May 2021 -- Solo Sex for Vulvas 🥀

    • February 2021 -- Comfort Sex 🛏

    • January 2021 -- Become a Master of the Ordinary 🌱

  • 5

    🗓 2020 Activities by Month

    • December 2020 -- I See The Light In You ♡

    • November 2020 -- Grateful for Our Differences ♡

    • October 2020 -- We Give More Than We Take ♡

    • September 2020 -- We Create Magic ♡

    • August 2020 -- We Let Go ♡

    • July 2020 -- We Are Brave ♡

    • June 2020 -- Love is Worth It ♡

    • May 2020 -- You Are My Star ☆

    • April 2020 -- We are Resilient!

    • March 2020 -- Together is Better!

    • February 2020 -- We Make BIG Love

    • January 2020 -- We Are Willing

  • 6

    🗓 2019 Activities by Month

    • December 2019 -- You Are My Gift

    • November 2019 -- Grateful For Our Love

    • October 2019 -- We Make Our Own Rules!

    • September 2019 -- We Are Gorgeous

    • August 2019 -- We Love Our Bodies

    • July 2019 -- We Take Care of Each Other

    • June 2019 -- We Work Hard and Play Hard

    • May 2019 -- We Trust Each Other

    • April 2019 -- We Live a Sexy Life

    • March 2019 -- We Express Ourselves with Ease

    • February 2019 -- We Choose Love

    • January 2019 -- Our Potential is Limitless

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    💞 Bonus Content

    • 📕 Suggested Reading

    • ⭐️ Free eBooks

    • 🎶 Insiders Playlists

    • 🎬 Erotic Film Suite

    • 🛍 Sexy Shopping

    • ⬇ Downloads

    • 📕 Erotic Literature

    • 📃 Sexual Health Bill of Rights

  • 8

    💙 Date Night Ideas

    • 🪂 Adventure Date Ideas

    • 🤗 Double Date Ideas

    • 🎊 Holiday Date Idea

    • ☯ Soulful and Mindful Dates

    • 💆🏽‍♀️ Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'

    • ❤️ Valentine's Day

    • 📺 Staying In

    • 🥰 Date Night Subscription Box

  • 9

    ❓ Q&A with Carolynn ❓

    • Anonymous Question Submission Form

    • Q&A: Is This Flirting or Cheating?

    • Q&A: How Do I Have a Vaginal Orgasm?

  • 10

    ✶ Support Center ✶

    • When You Think Your Partner Will Resist Insiders (Part 1)

    • When You Resist Sharing Insiders with Your Partner (Part 2)

    • How to Invite Your Partner to Insiders (Specific Tips)

    • When You Want Marriage Counseling (Help) and Your Partner Doesn't (Article)

Most couples wait too long.

Will that be you, too?

Common hesitations include:

“I don’t have the time.”

Insiders is designed for busy couples! The audios are short but the messages and activities are deep. Your love requires some of your time. We make it easy for you.  

“I’m just too tired.”

We get it. Life can feel exhausting. That's why we've created a subscription that you can do at your own pace. It doesn't require a lot of your energy but it does remind you to put some of your energy back into your love. 

“I just don't have sexual desire.”

Low libido is a common issue. Lots of folks misunderstand how desire actually works. We help you better understand your own so that you can create a better sex life, even when desire feels low. 

"I don't think my partner will do this with me."

Some partners can be resistant. It doesn't mean they are out of reach. We give you suggestions on how to invite them to join you, including specific conversations to help get them on board!

Carolynn Aristone


Partnered for over 20 years to her spouse, Carolynn “gets it” when it comes to the ups and downs of intimacy. Work, kids, family obligations, life responsibilities… she and her hubby have felt it ALL and yet, they manage to feel more connected than ever.

They even had a personal experience that left them in a sexless marriage for ten years! Yet they managed to turn that experience on its head. They’ve created an amazing, sexy, vibrant, fun and loving marriage.

It’s these reasons and more that Carolynn created Intimacy Insiders. It’s a resource she could have only wished for years ago.

Between her own personal story and those of the many couples she’s worked with, Carolynn understands exactly where couples need to focus to “bring it back” and/or keep “it” going!

She prides herself on bringing fun, healthy, sexy, legit content, activities and resources to her subscribers. She makes them laugh, inspires them with hope and reminds them of what matters most when it comes to love and sex.

When Carolynn isn’t working, she can be found enjoying the outdoors with her husband and two sons, attending high energy music concerts (woot woot), getting on her yoga mat or laughing…a lot!

Oh yeah, and she also holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Rutgers University, Clinical Certification in Sex Therapy from the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT), New Jersey Clinical Licensure in Social Work, Certification from The Gestalt Therapy Institute of Philadelphia, and Certification in Clinical Social Work Supervision from the National Association of Social Workers. Carolynn is also an expert author for